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I love my family.I love my sisters! 
Forever grateful…
R&R here we come!!!
Claude Monet , Sunset at Pourville 1882

What a week it’s been, lots of cleaning, worries and extra care. 

Symptom #1 – Diarrhea since last Wednesday. Update: Rice, chicken and yogurt worked by settling his tummy. Still having soft poops here and there but his nose is moist again and he’s eating/drinking regularly. No more straining or mid-night accidents

Symptom #2 – Allergies… swollen, bitten and bleeding paws.  Update: Benadryl brought down the swelling significantly. Polysporin is healing his skin and his paw fur is starting to grow back.  

New Symptom #3 – Itchy scratchy eyes  – This one I only noticed yesterday and hopefully it’s temporary. Crossing fingers he won’t need entropion surgery as it is common for his breed… eye drops until we can make a stop into the vet for an eye checkup.

Poor little bugger’s so sensitive, praying he’ll be ok when we leave…

Home remedies saved us this time but yearly shots, neutering, dew claw removal and the possibility of entropion surgery is waiting just around the corner…*GAH

One step closer..